Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Entering the World of Twitter...

Nothing can challenge you intellectually then to try and keep up with technology. I'm finding it more difficult these days to figure out how to communicate with the world. Perhaps that is why I never want to go anywhere!

I finally become functional in facebook, and they go and change it. The new "timeline" version is suppose to be more effecient for users. Really? Well I'm a user and am not seeing what everybody else sees I guess.

I see a webpage full of columns and text with scroll bars surrounding photos. I don't see any of my friends stuff, and when I do go searching for it, I find it's easier to just visit their wall. I'm a simple sort of person I guess. I didn't MIND scrolling over and over and over to see today's newsfeed! I guess the best thing to do is to admit, I need a facebook course. Online tutorials would be nice, wouldn't they?

So I figure what the hey, jump in and try. People will let you know when you mess up. So now I'm a tweeter. Well, not really, because I haven't tweeted anything yet. I REtweeted something. But that's different than tweeting...I think. Not sure. I know that I spent one hour just signing up for it instead of working like I should have been. I'll reprimand myself later for it.

So I'm an official tweeter. Yep, got an ID and everything. My tweeter is @LRBlakely. My user name is Linda B. Seemed short enough. It's really hard to come up with these things when you have a name like "Linda". My mother gave me her word that the name wasn't popular back in 1958. But I'm finding out that simply isn't true. Afterall, there IS a Linda convention (or used to be). And there's a "short" convention, too. I qualified for that as well. And back on track...

So, if you are a twitterer? well you'll have to follow me because I have no idea how to begin to follow you. I think I"m going to observe for awhile. The online help for hashtags and tweeting really wasn't that helpful. I have lot's of tweeting friends, perhaps they will decide to jump in and save the day so I can join the ranks of the twitterers around the world. Until then, I'll try and keep in touch via "blogging", another enigma to me.

Whatever happened to the good old telephone, or lunch with a friend?