Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging...What's That?

A blog. Something new.

At my age "new" most often means changing a way of doing things that I've done one way for a number of years. I'm not afraid of trying new things. I like variety. But some of this technological stuff, especially that which is "user friendly" is simply not my friend. It's as if I'm learning a third language. Unfortunately, there is no tutor on this bear with me, while I learn all about "blogging".

I have figured out how to sign in. That's a good start. I also figured out how to write a post. This is a post. Since I know that now, I suppose I've stepped up one step and can be a teacher to a beginning blogger, right?

The next step is to publish the post and then share it with my friends. The "help" tab is pretty good, at least for a new blogger like me. It says I'll need some "followers". That should be easy right? I'm a natural leader. I'm supposed to "share" the blog, however, and that I haven't quite figured out. I do know how to cut and paste, so perhaps I can snag the link, and drop it in an email to everyone.

Seems silly to me. If I can do that, why don't I just write today's thoughts in an email and send it off?

Blogging, tweeting, facebooking...all social networking. Crazy titles though, don't you think? Blogging sounds like I'm sloppy and lazy. Tweeting or Twittering. Incredibly foul to me. Get it? my humor isn't so great today. I tried, right?

So...with all that said, here is my new blog. I hope you will all follow me, or join me. I'll share my thoughts, my life...maybe...when I can...hopefully this won't be my last blog. But if it is...I can officially say, "yea..I've blogged before.."

Whatever works!